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Pepper (sweet)
Pepper (sweet)
Red Marconi

8 Sweet Pepper Seeds



  • Productive, long, mild sweet pepper
  • Easy to grow
  • Harvest green or allow to mature to a deliciously sweet red

Sowing Instructions

Sweet peppers enjoy similar growing conditions to chillies and, therefore, tomatoes.  They can be grown on outdoors in a warm, sunny, sheltered spot but you’ll get a better yield if they are grown under glass.

Sow: March to April under glass, in seed compost, in individual pots.  Sprinkle with a light covering of compost and cover with a propagator lid or clear plastic bag to increase the heat and humidity until seedlings emerge.

Aftercare: Transplant into larger pots when roots start to show at the bottom of the pot and provide a small cane or a twig for support when your organic pepper plant reaches around 20cm.   If you are planning to grow on your sweet pepper outdoors, wait until all risk of frost has passed, and choose the sunniest and most sheltered spot in your garden.  Continue to water regularly, adding a weekly feed of organic tomato plant food once flowers appear.  Misting can help to discourage pests and to help the fruit set.  Pinching out the growing tip will encourage a bushy habit.  Stake with a taller cane as the plant grows.

Harvest: from September. Long red marconi can be eaten when green, or left on the plant to mature to a sweet red.

Enjoy: raw in salads, lightly cooked in stir-fries, grilled on the barbeque, stuffed and baked in the oven or chopped and added to a variety of pasta and meat dishes.

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