Information on Favours Seeds


Collection Contents

& Minimum Quantities

Sowing Times

Forget me Not

50 seeds

May to September

Love in a Mist

25 seeds

March to April or August to September

Miniature Rose

3 seeds

Winter to late Spring or late Summer to Autumn

Sunflower 6 seeds March to May


1 gram

Can be sown at any time of the year but for best results March/April or August/September

Cocktail Collection

Borage 10 seeds

Mint 20 seeds

Lemon Balm 15 seeds

April to July or Autumn

From February

Spring or Autumn

Heavenly Herbs

Basil 20 seeds

Oregano 20 seeds

Thyme 20 seeds

March to June

From March

March to April

Red Hot Chillies

Early Jalapeno 4 seeds

Habanero 4 seeds

Ring o’ Fire 4 seeds

All March to May, although with heat they can be sown as early as January

Red Hot Greens

Mizuna 25 seeds

Oriental Mustard 25 seeds

Wild Rocket 25 seeds

July to September

Spring or Autumn

July to October

Salsa Selection

Coriander 12 seeds

Early Jalapeno 4 seeds

Tomatillo 3 seeds

March to August

March to May


Children’s Mix

Strawberries 25 seeds

Sunflowers 3 seeds

Autumn or Spring

March to May


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