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Chamomile (A)
Chamomile (A)
Matricaria chamomilla

Minimum 60 Chamomile Seeds
Chamomile (A)£1.25


  • Pretty, daisy-like flowers
  • Self-seeding
  • Requires very little attention

Chamomile is a hardy annual with feathery leaves and tiny, daisy-like, aromatic flowers.

Sowing Instructions

Sow: your chamomile seeds mid to late spring on the surface of prepared and fertile, well drained soil, in a sunny position.  Cover very lightly with soil and keep moist.  Thin to around 30cm apart once seedlings are large enough to handle.    Chamomile, with its sweet, light, fragrance, also looks attractive grown in a pot on the patio. 

Aftercare: Once established, simply water during dry spells and perhaps treat to the occasional feed of organic liquid fertiliser. 

Harvest: flowers when they are fully open.  Leaves are also edible although they have a bitter flavour compared to the sweet, apple-like taste of the flowers.


Flowers can be used, fresh or dried, to make a relaxing, herbal tea.  Try sprinkling fresh flowers on salads or over ice cream desserts.  Chamomile is also frequently used in hair rinses and skin tonics, as well as being a useful addition to homemade pot-pourri.

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